Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique®

Online In-Depth Course 


What You Will Learn?

  1. How to immediately relieve pain all over the body using the WheltonMRT technique and system
  2. How one referral area connects to multiple referral areas on a distant part of the body with the highly detailed more in-depth maps of the body that Dr. Whelton has been teaching live  in- person in his classes for years but is now online!
  3. Proper patient positioning and how to apply proper angles of pressure


What is Included?

  1. webinar with instructional videos on the WheltonMRT system 
  2. You will receive maps of the body detailing how a referral area on the one aspect of the body connects to another area of the body and how to stimulate it effectively. Each course has approximately 200-250 pages of maps of the body.
  3. You will receive the PowerPoint of the slides of the lecture with 90 days access to watch the webinar


How Much Will it Cost?

There are Two Payment Options:

$695 (for each course if you buy each individually) 

If you buy 2 courses you save 10%

If you buy 3 courses you save 15%

If you buy all 4 courses you save 20%


How Will It Improve My Clinical Skills? 

People who have taken this course have been able to:

  1. Immediately relieve pain
  2. Increase ROM (often dramatically)
  3. Decrease soft tissue spasm
  4. Accelerate healing


How Many CEUs?

You will be given a course outline, CV and certificate that you can attempt to submit to your board for approval for 2 contact hours per course as we are not pre-approved for CEUs in any state. Most states allow this.


***Please Note that Once You Download the Course We Need to Physically Ship You the Lectures and Maps of the Body Which Should Take Approximately One Week or So. Please Check Your Junk/Clutter for the Link and Passwords after Downloading the Courses


All Dr. Whelton's Maps and Materials are Protected by Trademark and International Copyright, Reproduction in Any Way Prohibited  


This Course is Non-Refundable




What is the difference between the online beginner course and the introductory shoulder, intermediate Knee/Ankle/TMJ and this course?

The Online Beginner Course is mapped in a broader way. For example - How a portion of the bicep belly connects to a portion of the quad. Whereas, the introductory shoulder course, intermediate Knee/Ankle/TMJ and live courses are mapped very precisely typically down to how one centimeter connects to another area of the body down to the centimeter.

In the Online Beginner Course you will receive more broadly mapped maps of one body part as it connects to one other body part.

In this more in-depth course you receive highly detailed maps of multiple body parts as it connects to any one area of the body.

This is the course with ALL the highly detailed maps!


Is the Online Beginner Course the same body parts as the in-depth myofascial course?

The Online Beginner Course contains DIFFERENT points and maps than the in-depth course 


Do I need to have taken the beginner or introductory courses to take the in-depth Myofascial course?

No, the courses are different the in-depth course has far more maps and points with different body parts than the Online Beginner course (approximately 200-250 pages of maps per course)