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Learn Dr. Whelton's Newest Cutting Edge Techniques, Methods and Discoveries

Generally Not Taught Online or In His Courses


What You Will Learn?

  1. Cutting edge techniques and methods that he typically does not talk about online in his free content or courses
  2. Instruction on how to implement these new techniques


What is Included?

  1. A video in a private Facebook group detailing a new technique or method once a month
  2. More in-depth case studies periodically (as Dr. Whelton's patients permit)
  3. Access to ALL videos in the private Facebook Group for as long as you are a member
  4. FREE updates to Dr. Whelton's Rehab Results course (orthopedic protocols) as he updates them periodically once you have already taken the course as he now charges $19.99 for his newest update


How Much Will it Cost?

Only $9.99 per month - Cancel Anytime


How Will It Improve My Clinical Skills?

  1. Start getting extraordinary clinical results for your patients
  2. Become the clinician that the patients only want to see
  3. Gain a greater sense of satisfaction in helping difficult cases that have failed numerous interventions
  4. Save Lives!


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