People and Products Dr. Whelton Recommends

Dr. Whelton believes in the people/products listed below and recommends them to his patients. He has business/financial partnerships with some recommendations.

Recommended Professionals

Shanhong, Lu, M.D., Ph.D

 (Holistic M.D.) Will do Telemedicine

Norm Shealy, M.D, Ph.D

 (Holistic M.D.) Will do Telemedicine

Sergey Sorin, M.D.

 (Holistic M.D.) Will do Telemedicine

Laura Whelton

Intuitive Life Coach

  • Email:
  • Note: This is Dr. Whelton's sister, Dr. Whelton considers her one of the most gifted intuitives he has ever met. Using her intuitive gift, she helps people and corporations solve problems and understand how to take their lives and companies to the the next level. She is known for her "Spot On" accuracy.

Recommended Products

Myriam's CBD

 (Dr. Whelton's Favorite!)

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  • Use this link in order to enjoy a sitewide discount!  You must use the promo code "WheltonMethods" at checkout. 

    Recommended Stress Relief "CBD" (Most of Dr. Whelton's female patients take between 20-50mg per dose, men take 30mg-80mg per dose, he recommends using tinctures 3x/Day)

    For pain relief, use the balm.

Grounding Pillow Case

For stress and inflammation.

Gama PemF

For Stress (when worn on the head) and Healing Acceleration (when worn around injured area)

Fisher Wallace

For stress.

  • Dr. Whelton does not recommend the standard 2x 20 minutes per day. He recommends 1 hour and 40 minutes to his patients.
  • If you submit your clinic license, they will give you a discount.


For stress.


For stress.


For stress.

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