Extraordinarily Profitable Cash-Based Physical Therapy Business Model
The First Ever Hybrid Clinical and Business Course

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What Will You Learn?

  1. How to setup and run a Results Based/Cash Based Clinic step by step
  2. Instruction on exactly what to say and how to treat each patient with the most conditions seen in the outpatient setting with videos.
  3. How to grow your business into a highly profitable clinic with ~ ~70% margin (owner takes home ~70% of gross profit every month)
  4. Patients will gladly pay for the results they seek, in this course you will learn to charge and get $525-$650 an hour and have your patients thank you for changing their lives

What Is Included?

  1. A 5-hour webinar with instructional videos with step by step clinical and business instruction
  2. You will receive a PowerPoint with clinical and business video instructions
  3. Start-up materials including clinic intake forms, pricing template, end of month financial reconciliation spreadsheets, recommendations for payroll companies etc
  4. Four month access to view the webinar (members can watch as many times as they wish for as long as you are a member)
  5. Step by step instruction on how to trouble shoot the common issues that arise

How Much Will It Cost?

$2,995 (materials to be downloaded )

HOw Will This Improve My Life?

  1. Stop being so stressed working for almost unsustainable breadcrumbs from insurance companies
  2. With a clinic with high margins, you will have more peace of mind as you are not struggling to pay your bills every month
  3. A better lifestyle for you and your family to take vacations and be happy!
  4.  Save Lives!

Do I receive CEU's?

  • We can provide 6 non live contact hours for this course that clinicians can submit to their board for approval.

  • We are not preapproved for CEU's in the U.S., however, you will receive Dr. Whelton's CV, course outline and a certificate of completion (contact us for the certificate of completion).

  • Most states allow clinicians to submit this packet to their board for approval.

What is the difference between the online beginner course and the introductory shoulder, and the live courses?

The Online Beginner Course is mapped in a broader way. For example - How a portion of the bicep belly connects to a portion of the quad. Whereas, the introductory shoulder course, and live courses are mapped very precisely typically down to how one centimeter connects to another area of the body down to the centimeter.

In the Online Beginner Course you will receive the maps of one body part as it connects to one other body part. In the live courses you receive maps of multiple body parts as it relates to one area of the body.

    If I have taken the live courses do I have the maps of the Online Beginner Course?

    The Online Beginner Course contains NEW points and maps that even people that have taken any of the other courses have not seen before.

      ADditional Information

      ***Prerequisites to Take this Course

      The entire business model is based on clinical results so you must be able to;

      1. Get at least 90% of your patients better that has failed everything with Dr. Whelton’s Rehab Results Course

      2. Get the majority of patients out of pain immediately using the Myofascial Referral Technique courses for instant pain relief. (It is recommended you at least take the Beginner Myofascial Referral Technique but strongly suggested that you take the more in-depth advanced Myofascial Referral Technique Courses - these are now online and can be downloaded here)

      3. You need to be proficient in treating mechanical back pain (SI joint, sacral torsion and shear using Dr. Whelton's SI protocol published in the Journal of Practical Pain Management)

      Please Note - You CANNOT open up your clinic within 15 miles of another Whelton Methods® Cash/Results Based Business Model as both clinics lose. Students who abide by this policy will be able to take more of Dr. Whelton’s courses in the future.

      Membership: Want to join Our amazing community and get continued support from Dr. Whelton and your colleagues who are succeeding with this business model? You can only become a member if you have taken the actual business course. Dr. Whelton will not be available for email support, however, will be answering as many questions as he can in a group format.  

      Membership Price: $99/Month – You Can Only Become a Member if You Have Downloaded the Actual Business Course - Cancel Anytime

      What it Includes:  

      1. Access to Dr. Whelton’s private Facebook business group where he will be teaching just like he does for his Facebook clinical videos every Wednesday
      2. Get to come to Dr. Whelton’s annual live in person version of the business course with personal hands on clinical and business instruction in the Tampa bay area for only $199 (savings of $2,795)(he will be gauging the interest for this in the next year. If enough people are interested, the course will be taught live once a year
      3. Your website will be listed on Dr. Whelton’s website so he can help drive patients to you
      4. Unlimited watching of the instructional webinar as long as you are a member
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      About Dr. Whelton

      Ryan Whelton, DPT is best known for his discovery of the root cause of numerous orthopedic conditions.

      He published the Root Cause of SI joint Dysfunction in the Journal of Practical Pain Management in 2020. He published the Root Cause of Plantar Fasciitis in the Journal of PPM in 2021. This paper also details the root cause of Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis and also works for Sever's disease. He published Root Cause of Sacral Torsion, Sacral Shear, Anterior Sacral Tilt in 2022. Also, in 2022 he published Shoulder Pain: Causation, Differential Diagnosis and Physical Therapy. In this paper he details the root cause and/or effective protocols for posterior shoulder impingement syndrome and eleven other conditions.

      His methods are now being used in over 40 countries and in the MLB and NFL. His papers have become number one for search results on Google. He was part of the medical staff for the NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII Champion New England Patriots.

      Dr. Whelton received a full football scholarship to Northeastern University where he attained his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. He is currently the owner of Sport and Spine Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Tampa, FL.

      When not treating patients he teaches clinicians around the world. He enjoys, yoga, working out, golfing, skiing, Aikido and considers himself a recreational quantum physicist as he is passionate about decoding the secrets of the universe. He is a father of three and a loving husband.

      WHat People are Saying About our courses

      Joshua O'Dea, DOM, AP

      Sarasota, FL

      Dr. Whelton's Methods have been a game changer for my practice! I was able to quickly and easily learn them and they are just as easy to successfully incorporate with immediate results. Mouths hanging open. Teary eyes. Laughter. Disbelief. These have become common responses my patients have with Dr Whelton's Methods. My success rates have soared! Patient satisfaction is through the roof! I can not recommend Dr. Whelton's courses highly enough as they are the best and most impactful I have taken in 18 years of practice.

      Nicole Clark, Kinesiologist

      Burlington, Ontario

      Using Dr. Wheaton myofascial referral points have given my clients instant results in increases of range of motion and pain relief.

      His SI protocol has proven to be excellent for decreasing client pain instantly and with the exercises maintaining pain free mobility for my clients!

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