The Sciatica/Radiculopathy Home Study Course

Whelton Methods® Protocols

This course is taught exclusively online. It will not be available live.

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What Will You Learn?

  1. How to immediately relieve sciatica/cervical radiculopathy using the Whelton Method® system
  2. How different areas of the body can be stimulated to relieve numbness, tingling and pain in the peripheral nervous system

What Is Included?

  1. A 50 minute webinar with instructional videos  on the Whelton Method® system
  2. You will receive a 23 page manual detailing how eighteen areas on  the body connect to the peripheral nervous system and how to stimulate them effectively
  3. You will receive the powerpoint of the slides.

How Much Will It Cost?

$349 (materials to be downloaded)

HOw Will This Improve My Clinical Skills?

People who have taken this course have been able to:

  1. Immediately relieve sciatica and cervical radiculopathy
  2. Accelerate healing

Do I receive CEU's?

We can provide 1 non live contact hour for this course that clinicians can submit to their boards for approval.

We are not preapproved for CEU's in the U.S., however, you will receive Dr. Whelton's CV, course outline and certificate of completion that can be submitted to your board for approval (contact us for your certificate of completion).

Most states allow clinicians to submit this packet to their board for credit.

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About Dr. Whelton

Ryan Whelton, DPT is best known for his discovery of the root cause of numerous orthopedic conditions.

He published the Root Cause of SI joint Dysfunction in the Journal of Practical Pain Management in 2020. He published the Root Cause of Plantar Fasciitis in the Journal of PPM in 2021. This paper also details the root cause of Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis and also works for Sever's disease. He published Root Cause of Sacral Torsion, Sacral Shear, Anterior Sacral Tilt in 2022. Also, in 2022 he published Shoulder Pain: Causation, Differential Diagnosis and Physical Therapy. In this paper he details the root cause and/or effective protocols for posterior shoulder impingement syndrome and eleven other conditions.

His methods are now being used in over 40 countries and in the MLB and NFL. His papers have become number one for search results on Google. He was part of the medical staff for the NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII Champion New England Patriots.

Dr. Whelton received a full football scholarship to Northeastern University where he attained his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. He is currently the owner of Sport and Spine Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Tampa, FL.

When not treating patients he teaches clinicians around the world. He enjoys, yoga, working out, golfing, skiing, Aikido and considers himself a recreational quantum physicist as he is passionate about decoding the secrets of the universe. He is a father of three and a loving husband.

WHat People are Saying About our courses

Noël Necaise Baumgarten, PT, ATC, CSCS

"Dr. Ryan Whelton’s courses have been a real “game-changer” for me in my 20 year career as a Physical Therapist. His courses are complementary to each other and all work to create a complete treatment system. The multiple courses of Myofascial Referral Technique that essentially cover the entire body are as effective of a soft tissue and joint treatment technique to reduce pain and increase ROM that I have ever come across. Dr. Whelton’s Radiculopathy course has been nothing short of amazing in how effective it is and how quickly it can work. Dr. Whelton’s Rehabilitation course is a straight forward, no fluff approach to treating the root cause of many common conditions. Although much of the rehab content should be common knowledge to the experienced physical therapist, each of the exercises included has a specific purpose in correcting the root cause. Together, Dr. Ryan Whelton has created quite a treatment “package” that has definitely changed the way I treat my patients, in that I am much more confident, efficient and effective at getting my patients better faster- which ultimately should be the goal of every encounter with your patients. Kudos to Dr. Whelton and the body of work he has created thus far."

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