Do You Give CEU's?

CEU's will be provided and clinicians can submit them to their respective boards for approval.


How Long Does the Pain Relief Last?

The effects of this treatment varies from patient to patient. On average, a patient with shoulder pain might take three visits per week for four weeks to relieve pain and return to prior level of function. Using this treatment method, clinicians are able to do it in just three visits with instant pain relief each visit.


What Percentage of Patients Does this Treatment Work On?

Clinicians that have learned this treatment method are able to instantly relieve or dramatically reduce/ increase range of motion in approximately 75% of patients they treat. Clinicians that use this method are in high demand.


What Conditions/Injuries Does this Treatment Work On?

This works on most neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Whelton identified 'off switches' for most pain problems in the body.


How Can I Be Treated By Dr. Whelton?

For more information on Dr. Whelton's clinic in Tampa, FL visit www.SSPTWC.com