New Webinar

Whelton MethodTM


Sciatica/Cervical Radiculopathy

Home Study Course


What You Will Learn?

  1. How to immediately relieve sciatica/cervical radiculopathy using the Whelton MethodTMsystem
  2. How different areas of the body can be stimulated to relieve numbness, tingling and pain in the peripheral nervous system


What is Included?

  1. 40 minute webinar with instructional videos  on the WheltonMRT system 
  2. You will receive a 23 page manual detailing how eighteen areas on  the body connect to the peripheral nervous system and how to stimulate them effectively
  3. You will receive the powerpoint of the slides


How Much Will it Cost?

$349 ($599 value) materials to be downloaded


How Will It Improve My Clinical Skills?

People who have taken this course have been able to:

  1. Immediately relieve sciatica and cervical radiculopathy
  2. Accelerate healing


*** This Course Will Only Be Available Online, It Will Not Taught Live



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“This technique is going to revolutionize the physical therapy field. Having the ability to instantly relieve a patient’s pain is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for the “Next big thing,” it is already here!”

-Chris Taylor, MPT, CSCS, MFMS, Owner/Founder of Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness, Asheville, NC

Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, inventor of the TENS Unit, Dorsal Column Stimulator, author of 325 articles, 35 books and foremost expert in the world for pain says:

"Ryan Whelton is an intuitive genius, a real healer, I hope his treatment becomes a first-line treatment for most pain problems."

This method is amazing! I can consistently relieve 90% of my patients’ acute and chronic pain immediately, my patients are so impressed.”

-Elvira Karakozova, DPT, Owner/Doctor of Physical Therapy,  A-Game Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Co.

“Dr. Whelton’s treatment method is groundbreaking. This is the best course I have taken in my 35 years as a physical therapist. His method and understanding of the body is genius.”

 -L. Keith Owen PT, Chantilly, VA